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Telestion Developer Documentation

Welcome to the Telestion Documentation pages.

Telestion is an extensible, open source ecosystem for building Ground Station Software. It's based on Java for the backend and React on the frontend side.

Intended for developers

Telestion is an ecosystem for building mission-specific Ground Station Software. Since every mission's requirements are different, this documentation describes the general concepts and how to use the ecosystem to develop mission-specific software.

For end-user instructions for a Telestion-based Ground Station software, please ask your Ground Station Software Development Team.

Telestion Concepts YouTube Series

Before you get started with developing within the Telestion Ecosystem, it's important to grasp the various bits and pieces in the ecosystem.

To start, you should watch the Telestion Concepts YouTube playlist, a set of short videos explaining the most important concepts you need to know to dive into developing a Ground Station using Telestion:

Telestion Concepts Playlist »

High-level ecosystem overview

To give you an idea of where to might go next (if you haven't watched the YouTube playlist), take a quick look at the two main components of every Telestion Project: the Application and the Client.

Link to

The Application is a Java-based software (using the Vert.x framework) responsible for all the backend work within a Telestion project. It communicates with the various mission I/O devices, processes the data (for example, saving telemetry to the database), and communicates with the Client.

The Client is the User Interface your Ground Station operators interact with. It's based on web technologies (with React and TypeScript at the core of its tech stack) and provides a framework for building re-usable widgets that get displayed in dashboards.