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telestion-client CLI

The telestion-client CLI, which gets called with the tc-cli command, is a CLI for developing Project-Specific clients, or short, PSCs.


You can install the telestion-client CLI using npm:

npm install -g @wuespace/telestion-client-cli

Available commands

After its installation, the CLI is available as tc-cli. It has several commands that you can execute using tc-cli <command>.

tc-cli build

Builds a Telestion Client Project for different platforms.

tc-cli docs

Opens the Telestion Documentation in a web browser.

tc-cli generate <component> <name>

Adds a new component to an existing Telestion Client Project. For example, to generate a new widget, run:

tc-cli generate widget telecommand-widget

tc-cli init [name]

Initializes a new Telestion Client Project with the name [name] in the folder [name].

tc-cli start

Runs a development version of the client, including live hot reloading of source code changes.

Also opens the client as either an Electron app or in the browser if you add --electron (short: -b) or --browser (short: -b) respectively.

tc-cli stats

Displays some interesting statistics of the Telestion Client Project.

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