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Starting a new Project

In this tutorial, you'll start a new Telestion Project based on the provided template.


To complete this tutorial, you should be familiar with the features of Git and the usage of GitHub templates as well as the GitHub web interface.

What you'll build

A "ready to implement" project for your specific groundstation-related problem.

Using GitHub

Step 1: Create a new Project repository

First, log into GitHub with your user account.

Head to the Telestion project template and press the Use this template button.

Telestion Project Template » to GitHub's Use this template buttonGitHub's Use this template button

Now, GitHub asks you some required information. Select a suitable user/group and give the repository a meaningful name.

Next, select your repository's visibility. When you're happy with your information, press the Create repository from template button.

Link to GitHub's Create repository from template interfaceGitHub's Create repository from template interface

That's it.

Step 2: Initialize the new project

Now, you should have a new repository under your control.

Next, initialize the Telestion project. The template already has a GitHub Action configuration that does the initialization steps for you.

Go to the Actions tab and select the Initialize in the left sidebar.

Link to GitHub Actions page with the selected Initialize actionGitHub Actions page with the selected Initialize action

Now press the Run workflow button in the Action list. In the popup, enter your preferences and then press Run workflow.

Link to Open popup to run the Initialize workflow in GitHub ActionsOpen popup to run the Initialize workflow in GitHub Actions
Java package naming

You should follow the Maven Central groupId naming conventions, for example, beginning with the company URL in reverse.


Step 1: Create an empty git repository

Open your console and create a new git repository:

mkdir my-telestion-project
cd my-telestion-project
git init

Step 2: Import the template

Fetch the latest changes from the Project Template:

git fetch --depth=1 -n ""
Telestion Project Template »

Use the last commit as your starting point:

git reset --hard "$(git commit-tree 'FETCH_HEAD^{tree}' -m "feat: Initial commit")"

Step 3: Initialize the project

Run the provided initialization script:


The script asks if things are unclear or if it can't recognize them automatically.

Explicit inputs

You can also provide the information via command line parameters. Run ./scripts/ --help for more information.

As suggested by the script, commit the initialization changes:

git add .
git commit -m 'feat: Initialize project'

(Optional) Step 4: Push to a remote repository

If you have a remote repository at your hand, you can add it as the default remote of the new Telestion Project:

git remote add origin ""
git branch -M main
git push -u origin main

Next steps

That's it. Now, you have a new Telestion Project ready for development.

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