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Verticles are the "building blocks," so to speak, of the Vert.x framework.

Basic mechanism

Verticles are, essentially, modular blocks of code that fulfill a specific function.

They get triggered by either something external or another Verticle and can, in turn, also trigger other Verticles.

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Verticles communicate with each other using messages on the so-called Event Bus.

You can think about Verticles as processes in a data flow diagram:

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Here, processes are Verticles and the data between them are messages on the Event Bus.

Example Code

import de.wuespace.telestion.api.verticle.NoConfiguration;
import de.wuespace.telestion.api.verticle.TelestionVerticle;

public class MyVerticle extends TelestionVerticle<NoConfiguration> {
// Called when Verticle is deployed
public void onStart() {

// Optional - called when Verticle is undeployed
public void onStop() {

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